News and Announcements


Aiden Miller pitched 5 scoreless innings and Dylan Bergh had 3 hits to lead the Braves to victory in the championship game on Wednesday.

The Giants came from behind late in the game scoring 3 runs in both the fifth and sixth innings to beat the Marlins 7-5. Miles Florez pitched 3 innings and Matty Rayray the last 4 and got the win. The Giants face the Braves on Wednesday in Game 4.

Colton Burdette pitched 6 strong innings and Mikie Melenudo came in to close it out for an 8-2 Braves win over the Marlins on Saturday. The Marlins will play the Giants on Monday in Game 3.


The Braves came from behind in the late innings to beat the Giants 16-6 on Thursday. Braves will face the Marlins at 1:00 pm on Saturday. The Giants will play the loser of that game on Monday.

It’s playoff time and competition ratchets up a notch. This is competitive baseball, however, we must all remember this is a game played by kids not professional ballplayers. Now it is especially important for the proper perspective and appropriate behavior by all of us – parents, coaches, volunteers and players. Coaches, players and umpires all make mistakes. It’s part of the game and expecting 100 percent perfection by anyone is not reality.

The mission of our league is to instill life skills including good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, respect and a sense of teamwork within the context of baseball. Support your coaches, cheer on your players and respect the umpires.

Play hard, play fair and have fun!

Eric Bloom – President
Mid-County PONY Baseball